Cultured Cuppa X Guinness Creative Summit

What does creative bravery mean to you?

Last week I was lucky enough to get a seat at the Guinness Creative Summit in the newly revamped Open Gate bar.

Arriving only a half-an-hour late, and after breaking entry into the Storehouse (not recommended), I suddenly felt really nervous and uneasy. You see I was about to be in a room with some of Dublin’s most influential creative masters: people whom I look up to and aspire to be like.

There was Joe Caslin who uses art to demonstrate social activism (remember his marriage ref piece on Dame street? Keep your eyes open around the city: he’ll soon be unveiling a special 1916 memorial piece), Jenny Wren who is responsible for booking acts at Body and Soul, Bren Byrne who is the creative director of OFFSET and brings world-renowned designers and creators to Dublin, Wiebke Hense who is a brewer at Guinness and challenges the very foundations of the factory by creating bespoke craft brews (squid-ink beer FYI), and Ruth McEntee who is the head of YouTube and Display at Google.

The theme of the night was ‘creative bravery’ – a appellation which each of these innovators truly deserve – and I was humbled to hear that there is no magic formula to being creative or brave. The general consensus from the panel was that you need to want to do something more than anyone else, to accept failure but to build something positive from your mistakes, and to be brave – of course. It turns out that these pioneers are ordinary people with extraordinary passions for what they do, and that is something that gave me piece of mind. Like most young people with a big dream I question how I’m going to get to where I need to be, how I’m going to tackle the challenges that I’ll face, and whether or not I can be brave enough..

I’m at a stage in my life where i’m leaving behind my adolescent years in college and entering ‘the real world’; and with that comes plenty of rejection. With my degree ending in only a few weeks i’m promptly applying for jobs; all of which I have been rejected for so far. It’s easy to feel deflated and that you’re not good enough, but if the Guinness Creative Summit thought me anything, it’s to not give up and that there will be plenty of ‘fuck yeah!’ moments when the time is right. 

Here’s to hard work and success.

See highlights of the night here or join in the conversation using the hashtag #GuinnessSummit 

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