Cultured Cuppa X The Arc

There comes a time in life when you feel the need to reach out and ask for help. For me this came a lot quicker than I anticipated, but at a time when I most needed it.

It’s strange: when I was ‘sick’ (i.e when there was cancer still in my body), I never felt ill. It was only when the cancer was removed from my body that I started to get sick; both physically and mentally. My body had to adjust to being rippled and pulled apart, and my mind had to process the fact that I had a life-threatening disease. Like the majority of cancer patients I have an underlying fear that the disease might pop up again at any stage, but having someone to talk to has helped me to mentally over-come this fear, and to not let the disease dictate my life.

The Arc cancer support centre is a refuge away from doctors, away from the monotony of hospitals and away from the sterile environments of clinics. For the last two months I have be attending their clinic on Eccles Street (there is a clinic also located on the South circular road) where they offer Indian head massages, yoga sessions, relaxation courses, a chat, and a good cup of tea. The centre also provides important support for family members and anyone effected by the illness. 

I developed cancer at an awkward age because I was too old to attend Canteen (a service for young people with cancer), and there is no service specifically for young people (older than 18 but younger than 35) with cancer. Because the cancer I developed is rarely seen in someone so young I sometimes felt alone on my journey, but The Arc has acted as a perfect substitute and is warm and inviting.

Every year The Arc holds an incredible fashion show to fundraise for this much-needed service and I am thrilled to be taking part in this years celebration. Named as ‘Irelands biggest fashion show’, this years event will be held on Monday April 4th in the RDS.  The show is creatively directed by Eddie Shanahan and will feature some of Irelands best designers such as Emma Manley, Heidi Higgins and Fintan Mulholland. The night will also features a special segment where four ‘Arc Angels’ – cancer patients who use the services – will walk in the show (this is where I come in!!).

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The event has been kindly sponsored by Brown Thomas and No7 and each guest will receive a goody-bag of No7 products. Tickets are priced at €50 and all proceeds go towards the vital services that The Arc provide. Tickets can be bought on the online shop by clicking HERE, or by calling Jessica on 01-830 7333.

Thank you for your continued support x


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