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Cultured Cuppa X Max

Max is a twenty-five year old creative, independent fashion photographer, and avid sneaker collector who has made Berlin his home. Originally from Zeesen, a small rural village outside of Berlin, Max followed his passion for sneaker culture and his flair for creativity and city life into one of the world’s best cultural hot-spots. Niamh O’Donoghue caught up with him to… Read more →

Boss Level part 1

To me, Dublin looks like a giant collective of great artists, musicians, and creative minds who all have something new and innovative to offer. Even if you’re not an artsy person, it’s hard to ignore the growing trend and  good vibes around the city.

Recently I caught up with local film and director extraordinaire JONATHAN LAMBERT and his latest project, BOSS LEVEL 1, where he coordinated with the biggest names in rap that Dublin has to offer.

We met in the cool surroundings of The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield (Until now I have been a Lighthouse cinema virgin! For anyone who hasn’t been, it’s worth a trip). Jonathan has previously work with rap artists like Redzer, Lethal Dialect and Lieko to name a few. His repertoire would suggest a tough-guy front; but never judge a book by its cover. A very down-to-earth and cool guy, he takes his work seriously (but not too seriously. He enjoys an odd pint, or so) and likes to perfect his work.

He admits that making BOSS LEVEL part 1 was a big risk but he’s happy with the out-come so far. He worked closely to Alan Newman on the project who produced the video. He said the most important thing about the project was not to make it like a cliché rap video, like the ones we are all far-too familiar with. The finished project is well-composed, clean and has new edgy beats to it. Anyone who likes their rap and hip hop are sure to be big fans. Why Irish hip hop? Jonathan says that it was actually Irish hip hop that got him into ‘mainstream’ hip hop. He had been surrounded by people associated with it from early on and took the natural progression into the scene. Irish hip hop has been revolutionized in recent years with artists such as Funzo, Lethal Dialect and Leiko, but there is huge space to develop Irish hip hop talent further.




Have you heard the Goss?

Last night, Buck Whaley’s of Leeson Street was the venue of choice to host Goss.ie‘s first birthday celebrations – and it was done in style. Goss.ie is Ireland’s first website for the latest news from the world of Irish showbiz. Set up in 2014 by entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Alexandra Ryan, Goss.ie now has a dedicated reader-ship and an expanding… Read more →

Recovery 3.0

I know self-praise is no praise, but I feel I have deserved a tremendous pat on the back for passing the 6 month mark since my last operation. The manner in which millions of damaged cells, nerves, and muscle fibres are able to regain vitality after such brutal tearing, pulling and cutting is truly fascinating; the human body is an… Read more →

Two ‘crumbs up’ from me!

Move over Marks and Spencer’s cookies; there’s a new kid on the block You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get eating a delicious M&S cookie? Well imagine that, only better, AND Irish(hooray Irish produce). On my travels over the weekend I came across The Dublin Cookie Co– the creation of Jenny Synnott and Jason Giles. After meeting in… Read more →

Look, but dont touch

After a four year break, Kate Moss returns to Topshop with her latest collection. But was it to be as compelling and show-stopping as people are hyping about? Kate Moss: those unforgivingly high, and cut-off infamous cheek bones. Her launch in 2007 was deemed as, “the most sought-after high street collection in history”. Indeed Kate is the epitome of fashion… Read more →