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Have you heard the Goss?

Last night, Buck Whaley’s of Leeson Street was the venue of choice to host Goss.ie‘s first birthday celebrations – and it was done in style. Goss.ie is Ireland’s first website for the latest news from the world of Irish showbiz. Set up in 2014 by entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Alexandra Ryan, Goss.ie now has a dedicated reader-ship and an expanding… Read more →

Irish Blogger Conference 2015

Not my usual post- but this week I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Irish Blogger Conference, which was held in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin City. The day was an excellent opportunity to network and meet other like-minded people. What was it all about? Organized by Fiona Reid and Emma O’Farrell of Cool Events, the… Read more →

Love. Create. Enjoy

To me, creativity and love are the key components to the wheel that keeps Dublin turning. To love what you do and turn it into something creative is even more special. You may recognise this guy for his savvy street-style or boisterous hair-and-beard combo. This weekend, hair-dresser Aaron Kiely will debut his first pop-up creative in the Bernard Shaw. ‘Out… Read more →

Recovery 3.0

I know self-praise is no praise, but I feel I have deserved a tremendous pat on the back for passing the 6 month mark since my last operation. The manner in which millions of damaged cells, nerves, and muscle fibres are able to regain vitality after such brutal tearing, pulling and cutting is truly fascinating; the human body is an… Read more →

Two ‘crumbs up’ from me!

Move over Marks and Spencer’s cookies; there’s a new kid on the block You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get eating a delicious M&S cookie? Well imagine that, only better, AND Irish(hooray Irish produce). On my travels over the weekend I came across The Dublin Cookie Co– the creation of Jenny Synnott and Jason Giles. After meeting in… Read more →

Look, but dont touch

After a four year break, Kate Moss returns to Topshop with her latest collection. But was it to be as compelling and show-stopping as people are hyping about? Kate Moss: those unforgivingly high, and cut-off infamous cheek bones. Her launch in 2007 was deemed as, “the most sought-after high street collection in history”. Indeed Kate is the epitome of fashion… Read more →